Look at the BIG picture when purchasing a vehicle


Every year, many Americans invest in a new car and naturally most are keen to get the best deal when it comes to the price. For many, this means planning a negotiation at the showroom on the price of the vehicle in a bid to get the sales people to knock a percentage off the cost. However, officials have said that one thing consumers are failing to do when negotiating the price of a new vehicle is to take other related costs into account.

Experts have said that when buyers negotiate with sales staff during the purchase of a car they often only take the cost of the actual vehicle itself into consideration. However, they said that this is only one aspect of the purchase and that consumers should first do their research so that they can take all other costs into account when negotiating a deal.

Other costs that should be considered

According to officials, there are a number of other related costs that car buyers need to take into consideration when thinking about negotiating over their vehicle purchase. It is important for buyers to realize the value of any trade in as well as researching areas such as sales taxes and fees, all of which have an impact on the final cost. Experts said that by making sure they were aware of the value and cost of these related services, consumers would be far better equipped to negotiate the best deal when they got to the showroom in order to complete their vehicle purchase.

A consumer advice expert said that many people focused far too heavily on just the price of the car itself rather than taking these related costs into consideration as well. She said that people often forgot that there were various other costs that made up the final price of the vehicle and with this in mind buyers needed to discuss the ‘out of the door’ price of the vehicle includes factors such as sales taxes, trade ins and other fees. This would then enable them to properly negotiate and get the best deal possible.

She also said that buyers needed to know when to pass on a deal if things such as fees and taxes took them over their budget even if the sales staff has offered a discount on the cost of the actual vehicle. She said that buyers should be aware of exactly what fees would be involved prior to even stepping into the showroom as this would enable them to plan their negotiation and put them in a far stronger position.

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